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Gordon Fraser Furniture Johannesburg

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are going to decorate your house or changing the atmosphere of the house? Perhaps it is about what kind of furniture that you should put in a certain position in the house. If it is what you think, I believe that your first question will be where to buy the furniture that suits your imagination about a comfortable house. If you already have something in your mind about creating or re-creating the house of your dream, visiting Gordon Fraser is the best way to make your imagination comes true.

Since 1947, this designed furniture creator has helped its customers to create the furniture of the customers’ dream. Having specialized the business in creating custom-made furniture, a lot of customers have been pleased with the use of the finest materials in fulfilling their dream. Through the hands of the dedicated skillful staff, Gordon Fraser has made unlimited handcrafted furniture that has been used in many houses and abundance offices. This house of furniture really commits its products for the satisfaction of the customers. If you already have a design in your mind, you can contact the staff and let them help you by using their high tech program to present your imagination in 3D form. Every detail will not be missed by these right people. Besides being able to adore your imagination, this 3D will also picture the space and the budget you need for the furniture. Moreover, you can also ask their help to give you the picture of one whole room if it is what you need. They can do anything to fulfill your needs.

In the heart of South Africa, specifically in Johannesburg, is this business grows. At 9 Kramer Road, Kamerville, Sandton you can visit the showroom and discuss your desires with their competent people. Besides, in this showroom you can also choose the wide variety furniture that had been crafted by their talents. The furniture varied from the bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, up to the office furniture and the accessories. All furniture is made of traditional technique such as hand carving and veneering to create such a beautiful piece that suits both modern and traditional themes. If you find something that you like without needing you to explore your imagination, you can ask them to recreate the furniture based on the size that you have at home. Everything becomes so simple with Gordon Fraser.

On the 5000 square land at the South of Johannesburg, Gordon Fraser’s factory is built. For the sake of environmental care, Gordon Fraser makes sure that the materials and the processes of creating the furniture are eco-friendly. Not only does environment has been the concern of many people, this shop also concerns about Johannesburg environment. City of Johannesburg, or Joburg, is the largest city in South Africa based on the population. Thus, by starting the business from eco-friendly furniture, Gordon Fraser furniture will also encourage the customers to care about this beautiful country.

Regardless of being a metropolitan city around the sub-saharan Africa, Johannesburg still has a lot of beautiful views that will spoil your eyes. Even though, like any other sub-saharan cities, this city has more suns and sands rather than water, Johannesburg has been the greenest city in the world due to the amount of the green area in the city. Besides, the modernity has also made Joburg to have some Africa’s tallest buildings such as Hillbrow Tower, Sentech Tower, IBM, Willis Group, First National Bank, and many others.

Alongside with becoming Africa’s economic powerhouse, you can enjoy the beauty of lights glare during the night time. Johannesburg government always has a good idea in fulfilling the need of touristic places as it becomes the transit point for people from and to Cape Town, Durban and Kruger National Park. Thus, although Johannesburg might not provide lake, river, or sea views, you can still enjoy the cityscape and the historical and art museums that will enlighten your knowledge about Apartheid and other issues that happened in African history. If you live in Johannesburg or once lived in this city, you will know why Gordon Fraser wants to create only the eco-friendly furniture.